Using a Mouse to Catch a Cat

(Editor’s Note: outdoor editor Richard Simms recently returned from a 10-day road trip. Of course fishing was high on the agenda. This is the first of a series on fishing trips he experienced. Perhaps you might want to add them to your Bucket List as well.)

Another Site Done

Another Fishing Attractor Enhanced
Fish attractor, site #15, was enhanced on Wednesday, December 13. 90 concrete pipes and culverts weighing 94.75 tons were placed around the buoy marker. The site is located on Lake Moultrie. Here is a photo of the Santee Cooper barge loaded with the materials and heading for the site.

Habitat Enhancement Project

Fishing Attractor Site Enhancement
On December 11, 2017  another fish attractor site was enhanced. 195.15 tons of concrete pipes and culverts were deposited at site #22 near Harry’s Fish Camp in Berkeley county.These enhanced sites provide habitat and protection for thousands of fish around the Santee Cooper lakes system. Thank you Santee Cooper PSA for your help with this project.

Design Adaptability — Playing to Your Strengths

Destination Santee Cooper

You don’t often hear about outstanding bass fishing that gets overlooked, but that really can be the case with South Carolina’s Santee Cooper lakes – especially when you get outside of spring. Although these big lakes certainly get plenty of bass fishing use, national fishing acclaim gets split because of the nation’s original landlocked striped bass population, world-class trophy catfish opportunities and a legendary panfish fishery that even produced a former world record shellcracker.