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I Am Not a Catfisherman…..Yet

– By Two Dog Outdoors

This past week though, I was given the opportunity to fish with folks that have dedicated themselves to catching catfish predictably for twenty years.

Our guides, “Mouse” and “Boudreaux” Witherell, took two other outdoor writers (Pete Rogers and PJ Perea) and myself out on Lake Marion at sunrise for hours of consistent action on the lake.

Their company, Santee Cajun Guides, is a family run business. They fish Lake Marion or Moultrie for upwards of 240 days a year. Some days, that means multiple boats as each captain has their own spacious Pontoon boat.

While driving the boat to the fishing spot, they watched their modern electronics and “not so modern” string. They set up a drift over the prime area for catfish which produced consistent action for us. A “drift” is when you take into account the wind’s effect on the boat and the topography of the lake bottom where you want to fish. With experience, you can start fishing in one spot and fish all day without turning on a motor.

Over the course of the next four hours, we drifted just under three miles and efficiently covered a large area.

By the end of the day, we had caught over 150 pounds of catfish, releasing fish of 32lbs, 27lbs, and multiples over 10 lbs.

With a cooler full of “meat” catfish we headed back to the dock with a smile.

Mouse and Boudreaux were incredible guides. When asked if they guide young families, they wholeheartedly said “Yes!” Boudreaux recalls a picture of two young boys. One is holding the rod while the other one reeled. If you want a fun fishing trip for the whole family, give them a call.

Pete Rogers fights a Santee Cat. For more of Pete’s work, check out his website: Pete Rogers Outdoors.

If you are are looking for a place to stay, Blacks Fish Camp provides everything you need for a great weekend of fishing.

Finally, let’s be clear, I am not a Catfisherman. But now I want to be one.


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