Santee Cooper Is The Best Place You’ve Never Been for Great Fishing, Swamp Fox Tales, and Lakeside Dining.

Santee Cooper Country is a great vacation destination loaded with plenty of water-based fun activities for you, your family and all of your closest friends. On our lakes, you can expect to experience world-class fishing and kayaking, including kayaking the Swamp Fox 50-mile Paddle Camp Trail. This is South Carolina’s only established 4-night, 5-day paddle camp trip. Epic adventure is guaranteed. There are plenty of places to rent boats and kayaks so you can enjoy being out on the lakes that are referred to as South Carolina’s “Great Inland Lakes”

“When you think of visiting South Carolina, you may think of three places: Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, or historic Charleston. And these are all wonderful destinations. But South Carolina also has an intriguing off-the-beaten-path region that will appeal to outdoor lovers of all sorts, whether they are fishermen, golfers, campers or history buffs. Welcome to Santee Cooper Country.
By Ginger Warder – Senior Travel Writer

Ready for a waterfront getaway? You’ll find it here in Santee Cooper Country where you can expect world-class fishing and kayaking when you visit Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie. Whether you’re a fishing pro, a bird watcher, or a beginning kayaker, visitors of all kinds are welcome on the water here in Santee Cooper Country. There’s water activities for every skill set on the Santee Cooper lakes and rivers!

women with large catfish

Lakes Marion and Moultrie: A destination originally created by the Santee Cooper Public Service Authority (Santee Cooper PSA) in 1939-1942 as a hydroelectric project here in South Carolina.

The rest is history. Not only do they provide electricity today but this project opened up a whole new world for tourism and economic development for this very rural, mainly agricultural area of South Carolina. Today, visitors can warm in the sun on many lakeside beaches, camp in one of 43 waterside campgrounds and two State Parks, dine at local fishcamps or enjoy fine dining at many locally owned restaurants in the area. Fishing on the Santee Cooper Lakes is outstanding. World class fishing with state records such as the Arkansas Blue Catfish 113.8 lbs
Have been caught here in our lakes. The state record Largemouth Bass – 16.2 lbs. was also caught here in our waters. Our lakes do not ice over during the winter. So, weather permitting, fishing is year round.

Stay Lakeside.

If your idea of a five-star hotel is more like a night under the stars, then Santee Cooper Country has the perfection location just for you. Camping and star gazing will help reduce those stress levels while reconnecting with nature. Give it a try.

Fresh Flavors.

Make sure to enjoy a dish or two at one of our locally owned restaurants. You can find award winning bar-b-que restaurants or good family style dinners at many fish camps located on the shores of the lakes. If you prefer something a bit more upscale, no worries. You have the option to dine at 4 star restaurants with trained chefs. 

Water Rentals & Tours.

Many local outfitters rent out whatever water vessels you need, and you can even book a trip with an experienced guide to explore South Carolina’s “Great Lakes.”